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Shapes of Time is the website and project of Marshall Mateer with a focus on the Spanish Civil War, the International Brigades and responses in Britain (UK) between 1936 – 1939.

  • the the stories of some of the people involved
  • evidence, memory, storytelling and history
  • how the media responded

My fascination in the arts, the media, history, film and photography and the wonder that’s in and around every little nook and cranny – from dust to destiny – carries through everything. 

  • practice to theory – and all the way back again
  • traversing the arts – heritage to futures – scratchy sticks to digital data 
  • marmalising the media – old tropes & new memes – issues and histories

I hope you find ideas and things of interest, and, perhaps, something useful to your own work.

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Shapesoftime goes way back to childhood collections – bits of broken pottery  from the bottom of the old garden, stamps, fossils from the coast and, from the little stream that ran alongside the estate, still alive whirlagig beetles.  In media form it reaches back to 1969 – the Hornsey years of film, animation, photography and (tape) video. Then on to the photocopying years in the classroom and all those highly detailed pen-drawn A4 worksheets. As web materials it goes back to the launch of the internet in UK schools in 1998.  The Shapesoftime website was launched in 2003 and you can see snapshots of the developing site on the Internet Archive’s very wonderful ‘WayBack Machine’ going all the way back to 5th June 2005.  See WayBack Machine – Shapesoftime 2005   –  the schools Pathe Newsreel project, the first demonstrator of the power of broadband to provide access to film to all schools in the UK. 

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Some resource friends: International Brigades Memorial Trust (IBMT); Marx Memorial Library; Working Class Movement Library; British Pathé; Creative Commons UK; Local Authority libraries (long may they survive); secondhand bookshops (long may they prosper); Modern Records Centre, Warwick University; BBC Archive; British Library; Wellcome Library; British Film Insitute; National Archives, Kew; Bishopsgate Institute; ….

Open resource favourites – all hail! Creative Commons licences; Wikimedia; Internet Archive; Project Guttenberg; Flickr; Flickr The Commons; Europeana …

For the website: Word Press with Yoko Theme; TSOhost; and, all those years ago, Philip Belcher for his help setting up the website.

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